My Heart Belongs to Myrtle Key by R

Sixteen-year-old Riley Thorne, a big-hearted vegan and fledgling animal rights activist from Michigan, is obsessed with scoring a ticket to CatCon NYC. Her estranged mom, famous for her big cat sanctuary, is booked as a special guest and Riley is desperate to make a connection with her. Riley plans to waitress at a cat café all summer—in between seeing her lead singer boyfriend, Jared—to save up for ticket money. Then she’ll jet off to New York.


But when Riley is caught releasing experiment mice from the school science lab, she not only gets suspended, but her dad ships her off to her grandparents’ retirement community in Myrtle Key. Her life takes another rough turn when Jared says he wants an open relationship this summer. In exile, with only thirty days till CatCon and only twenty-two dollars to her name, Riley’s quest to earn the ticket money is complicated by a flirtation with tennis prodigy Nate and the sudden arrival of her boyfriend. Will she ever make it to see her mom? And which should she choose: old love or new? 

About the Author

R is an aspiring YA author, currently writing a contemporary romance novel called My Heart Belongs to Myrtle Key. R secretly began writing stories as a teenager during mind-numbing algebra classes. When R is not scribbling in her notepad, R is an enthusiast of wild swimming, whale watching and country music star, Thomas Rhett.